📸: PCI Alumni S. Wermie

The Code of Professional Practice establishes the required standards of conduct for all members of The Manitoba Teachers’ Society, whether acting in an employed position under a Collective Agreement, or acting in an appointed or elected position. A member’s professional behaviour must reflect the spirit as well as the letter of the Code.(1)

MTS Code of Professional Practice

Members are bound by the following principles and each Member’s professional behaviour must reflect the spirit as well as the letter of these principles:

   a)  consulting with the Society or the Member’s Local president;

   b)  taking any action that is allowed or mandated by legislation;

   c)  where the Member is acting in good faith and without malice in the discharge of the legitimate duties of the Member’s appointed or elected position;

7.    A Member does not bypass immediate authority to reach higher authority without first exhausting the proper channels of communication;

8.    A Member makes an ongoing effort to improve professionally;

9.    A Member adheres to collective agreements negotiated by the Society and its Local; and

10.  A Member or group of Members makes only authorized representations to Outside Bodies on behalf of the Society or its Locals. Without the express permission of the Society, no Members conferring with Outside Bodies may explicitly or implicitly claim that they represent the Society or its Locals.

(The Society approved new Bylaws at its 2014 AGM. Bylaw IV includes the Code of Professional Practice that applies to all teachers who are members of the Society. Bylaw IV also outlines what constitutes professional misconduct and how the Code is enforced. The Society’s Constitution and Bylaws outline the remedies or sanctions that can be imposed against any teacher who violates the Code of Professional Practice.)