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Substitute Teachers

This section of the website provides PTA substitute teachers with relevant resources and information.

The following article 8 and other articles linked below apply to PTA substitute teachers and are provided for your convenience. 

Click here for the full collective agreement 2018 - 2022.

Article 8 - Substitute Teachers

8.01   Substitute teacher means a teacher employed on a day-to-day basis.

8.02   Substitute teachers shall not be eligible for wages, benefits, or rights under this collective agreement except as may be specifically covered in this article.

8.03   The following articles of the Collective Agreement apply to substitute teachers:

8.04  A substitute teacher shall be allowed one (1) day of sick leave with pay for each nine (9) consecutive days taught in an assignment.  Sick leave days shall not accumulate from assignment to assignment.  The use of a sick day with pay shall not constitute an interruption of consecutive days of substitute teaching in an assignment.  Assignment shall mean consecutive teaching days in one (1) position.

8.05  The only matters which may be grieved under Article 4 - Provision of Settlement of disputes by a substitute teacher or the Association on behalf of a substitute teacher are the provisions of this Article, and the substantive rights and obligations of employment related and human rights statues to the extent that they are incorporated into this collective agreement.

8.06 Substitute teachers shall be paid at the following rates per day including vacation pay:

Effective Date of Signing:  $162

First day of the Fall Term 2018:   $156

First day of the Fall Term 2021:   $162 + Cola

8.07  Any qualified teacher filling one position on staff for a continuous period of six (6) days or longer as a substitute teacher shall be paid according to his or her qualifications and experience according to the salary scale beginning with the sixth (6th) day of teaching in the same position.  This rate of pay shall be retroactive to the first day of the extended teaching assignment and continue in effect until the end of that extended teaching assignment.  However, if the duration of the substitution is known to be beyond twenty (20) continuous teaching days, the substitute teacher will be signed to a Limited Term Contract and paid a teacher per diem rate according to the provisions of Article 6.01, beginning on the first day of teaching.  Substitution days cannot be accumulated from one assignment to another. 

8.08  Manitoba Teachers' Society fees shall be deducted from a substitute teacher's pay in accordance with the guidelines established by the Manitoba Teachers' Society.

Portage la Prairie Teachers' Association fees shall be deducted and remitted from a substitute's pay monthly.  These fees shall be prorated on the basis of the number of days worked in a given month.

The Association shall indemnify and save harmless the Division from any and all losses, costs, liabilities, or expenses suffered or sustained by the Division as a result of any claim or legal action arising from the deduction of Manitoba Teachers' Society fees or Portage la Prairie Teachers' Association fees.

8.09  Substitute teachers called into work for one half day or less shall be paid one half of the daily rate.  Substitute teachers called in for greater than one half day up to a full day shall be paid the full daily rate.